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Kate Parisian is a prop/craft stylist and paper artist. If she had known as a child that prop stylist was a Thing You Could Be, that would have been what she wanted to be when she grew up. Instead, she arrived at it after graduating from SCAD with a BFA in illustration and then working as the manager of Lost and Found Props in NYC. As a stylist she couldn't always find exactly what she was envisioning, so if she couldn't find it, she would make it, becoming known as the "girl who makes stuff." Her ceramics, hand dyed linens, watercolor washes, surfaces and objects often find their way into her styling work. She feels lucky to have arrived a career that combines Finding Stuff and Making Stuff. Originally a NYC stylist, Kate is now based out of beautiful Silver Lake, Los Angeles, although you can often find her in New York and Chicago. 




KFC / Panera Bread / Weight Watchers / Total Wine / All Recipes / Applebee’s / Qdoba / People  Magazine / Bath and Body Works / UberEATS / Kitchen Aid / Publix / Prevention / Tim Ferriss / Bumble + Bumble / Tastemade / Don Julio / LA Times / GOOP